Heavy Duty Lathe Machines, Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Manufacturer, Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Exporter, Heavy Duty Lathe Machine Supplier in Rajkot, India.

Rajkot Machine Tools offer high quality Heavy Duty Lathe Machine to meet all your requirements. They are designed to generate objects that have symmetry about an axis of rotation. These lathes are used for precisely machining stiff materials. The devices incorporate the recent technology to ensure improved performance. The machine is economical along with features like robust, sturdy and efficient. The products are manufactured are precise and highly accurate.

These Heavy Duty Lathe Machines are equipped with dedicated features like ground headstock spindles and stout one piece planar lathe beds which provide for a solid base and simultaneously facilitating seamless parallel movement of carriage and tailstock in alignment with the axis of the spindle. The alloy steel is used to provide potency and sturdiness to the machine for lasting durability. A specialized oil pump is used which helps to lubricate the rotating spindles and bearings in order to give more power to the machines by neutralizing the inner frictions and tensions within the lathe mechanism and also assists in the process of cooling overheated parts.

Technical Specification

Model Length ABC* Weight**
SH-1 1675 mm 430 mm 1050 kg
SH-2 2135 mm 890 mm 1200 kg
SH-3 2740 mm 1500 mm 1400 kg
SH-4 3050 mm 1800 mm 1650 kg
SH-5 3660 mm 2410 mm 1900 kg

ABC*= Admit Between Center | Weight** = Approximate Weight ( AVAILABLE SIZE UPTO 42' )