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The Slotting Machine is a reciprocating machine tool in which, the ram holding the tool reciprocates in a vertical axis and the cutting action of the tool is only during the downward stroke. The base of the Slotting Machine is rigidly built to take up all the cutting forces. The front face of the vertical column has guide ways for Tool the reciprocating ram. The ram supports the tool head to which the tool is attached. The work piece is mounted on the table which can be given longitudinal, cross and rotary feed motion. The Slotting Machine is used for cutting grooves, keys and slots of various shapes making regular and irregular surfaces both internal and external cutting internal and external gears and profiles. The slotter machine can be used on any type of work where vertical tool movement is considered essential and advantageous.

The usual and possible machining applications of slotting machines are: Internal flat surfaces, Enlargement and / or finishing non-circular holes bounded by a number of flat surfaces, Blind geometrical holes like hexagonal socket, etc. Features of Slotting Machine are High grade casting for wear resistance and rigidity, single lever control for changing the speeds, centralized machine controls on operating side, steel gears sliding on multi splinted shafts, drum clutch for stopping ram at any position, all shafts are carried on Ball Bearings, hand operated automatic pump for lubrication, indirect indexing by dividing attachment, variable automatic table feeds in all directions is optional. The sizes they are available in are:- 6" and 10".

Technical Specification

MODEL AMI-150 AMI-250 AMI-300 AMI-450
Length of stroke maximum 175 250 325 475
Working Stroke 150 225 300 450
Ram Adjustment 125 200 250 325
Length of Ram Bearing 500 550 625 875
Throat Adjustment 300 350 500 675
Maximum Diameter accomodated when machine at Centre 500 750 850 1500
Height between Table & Head 300 375 450 700
Longitudinal Feed (Manual) 200 325 450 625
Longitudinal Feed (Auto) 175 300 425 575
Cross Feed (Manual) 225 250 400 550
Cross Feed (Auto) 200 225 375 500
Dimention of Table 275 375 600 900
Number and Ranges of Speeds 2 (30-50) 3 (30-60-90) 3 (25-40-6) 6 (10-15-25-35-50-70)
Motor Recommended (960 RPM) 1.5 HP 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP
Net Weight 850 Kg. 1200 Kg. 1750 Kg. 4000 Kg.
Gross Weight 975 Kg. 1400 Kg. 1925 Kg. 4500 Kg.
Packing Dimentions 1700 x 850 2100 x 1400 2300 x 1500 2500 x 2200
  x 1200 x 900 x 1100 x 1600